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In addition to our professional staffing and software consulting services, cityCore maintains its own product line. Our products are used by hundreds of companies, and thousands of individuals around the world. All of our software is built upon a proprietary engine that we are consistently upgrading and improving.

castQ castQ - For Actors, Agents, and Casting Directors

castQ is an online portal that connects actors with agents and casting directors. Our software allows casting directors to post audition and casting information to a specialized community of actors (both on screen and theatrical). The product has both a free service and a paid subscription model so users can choose what is best for their current needs.

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Content Management and Databases citiCite - Software for Communties

citiCite is a custom-built and specialized social networking interface designed to cross-link local government data and community information. It is aimed at empowering citizens with a steady-stream of community information while also providing the toolsets to actively participate in local government.

The ultimate goal of the project is to increase the level of civic participation while streamlining local government, wishfully cutting wasteful spending.

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Gas Tracker gastracker

GasTracker is a basic gas tracking and analysis system for both home and business use. The software allows the user to enter data points between stations and provides a concise statistical view of activity.

The software is useful for businesses needing to track field employees and keeps up with odometer readings, distances driven, fuel efficiency, costs of fuel purchases, and overall consumption habits. GasTracker currently supports only English units of miles and gallons.

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